Abbott Tool & Die has been featured on Fox News through Manufacturing Marvels! See the video here! Manufacturing Marvels Metalworking-CNC-milling-machine. Automotive Tool & Die The Automotive Industry is perhaps the one of the top industries that is heavily dependent on progressive stamping due to its repeatability and reliability when it comes to producing millions of parts year after year. With over thirty years as an Automotive sub supplier of dies, die components and stampings, Abbott Tool & Die has the experience and expertise to design and build top quality tools at an affordable price without cutting corners and saving its customers over the life of the tool. Read More Request For Quote Commercial Refrigeration Abbott Tool & Die has a long history serving this industry. We have built high and low volume tools, utilizing several different types of material, including Cold & Hot Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Galvaneal and Zinc dipped, just to mention a few. The unique sizes and shapes of these tools and components always bring an exciting challenge. Tools for blanking, forming, drawing, trimming and piercing are built to work together to save on dangerous press brake operations. Request a Quote through the link below. Read More Request For Quote Industrial Building Supplies Are you looking for a competitive edge in your industry? Our tools will allow you to reduce production cost and save on time when you utilize high volume progressive tooling to build components in your industry. Abbott Tool & Die has built some of the most reliable and difficult tools in Industries such as Electrical, Defense, and Commercial Building supplies for many years, providing solutions to meet the high demand. Read More Request For Quote


Abbott Tool & Die is ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949: 2016 certified. We build quality tools by utilizing the best practices, equipment and experience. We have the ability to try-out and de-bug dies before we ship them to your facility to ensure the tool produced meets your specification. We document part layouts to AIAG PPAP requirements.


Our Tool Design Engineers use the most up to date software to design your tools.  Solidworks, Visi, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop are all supported.  We use your CAD file to create a strip layout which you will approve before we begin design.  With a strong customer focus, we value customer involvement and feedback throughout the process and do not proceed without approval.


With an average experience of 35 years per tool maker and a combined total of over 500 years, our tool makers are true tradesman. With the future in mind we also have an apprenticeship program to build the next generation. Our tool makers are also trained in the latest equipment, procedures and technology.


From progressive, transfer and hand-loaded dies, Abbott Tool & Die is known for building some of the most complex tools in the industry.  Our Tool Room has the ability to perform CNC Machining, CNC Milling, Jig Boring, Wire EDM, Surface Grinding & Heat Treating.  We have multiple work centers to efficiently deliver precision tools on time.

CNC Machinery

We have five CNC work centers that allow Abbott to not only provide highly precise and accurate performance, they also enable us to have multiple setups and on time delivery.  We have the capacity to machine work pieces larger than 50” x 20” using state of the art CAM/CAD software capable of solid model programming.

Wire EDM

With a Wire EDM Service, we provide your company’s full range of tool & die services in-house. Our four Wire EDM machines give us the capacity to machine parts with a quick turnaround.  The superior accuracy of WIRE EDM is unmatched and our largest machines can machine parts that are up to 16½” tall.  Our fourth machine is a hole popper which improves the efficiency and accuracy of wire starts.

Design / Build

Our Team of Designers are Tool Makers by trade and understand the constraints and the complications that could spur up from a bad design. Holding Design Reviews allows for good design with on-time delivery


With access to Presses ranging from 75 tons to 600 tons, we debug and try the die out before we send it to your shop ready to go. We have confidence in our tools because they are tested.


Our goal is meet build requirements to our customer specifications and timeline. This may vary from 6 to 16 weeks based on complexity of the tool. When we ship the die, it is ready to go.

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